A Perth zoo keeper smooches a costumed Splendid Tree Frog on Feb. 14 at Perth Zoo. It was 89 degrees outside that day. Poor guy or gal in that suit! 



I think we’ll be seeing more photos of princesses kissing frogs in the weeks ahead — after all, this the year of the frog and February 29, Leap Day (or International Day of the Frog), is 13 days away. What a natural opportunity to galvanize attention for the amphibian crisis. The clever people with Australian Rainforest Foundation staged this photo smack on Valentine’s Day, ultimately to help raise funds to protect frogs in the “Far North.” Full story here.


This photo is so, well, interesting, we just had to share it with you. It’s apparently from 2 years ago. Caption contest, anyone?

(Here’s the caption from back in Nov. 2005: TOKYO: A Japanese girl sits next to a frog-shaped house made of sweets and sugar. More than 120 different kinds of snacks such as chocolate, biscuits, gum and candy were used to decorate the house. reuters)