From the American Airlines in flight magazine, American Way, a full feature on the amphibian crisis. Here’s nice excerpt mentioning Amphibian Ark:

The idea of the Amphibian Ark initiative is to get out in front of the population crashes and to collect healthy frogs, whisk them to safety, and establish breeding stocks — with the hope of reintroducing the species to the wild when the coast is clear. In Australia, scientists have modified shipping containers to create frog “clean rooms” in the field. In the United States, they’ve saved the Wyoming toad in captivity, but it has disappeared from the high plains, and reintroduced populations keep encountering the deadly fungus. Biologists are also rushing to respond as the fungus attacks the boreal toad in Colorado and the red-legged frog in California’s Sierra Nevada. And many more frog rescues are underway in Costa Rica and several other countries.

Full story HERE.


This photo of VP candidate Sarah Palin from Alaska magazine appears on a Web page next to the story about the Alaska wood frog, the amazing amphibian dubbed a frogsicle because it freezes solid in winter.  In other words, “Hottest Governor* (magazine’s words, not mine, see below) meets Coldest Amphibian.” I am not making this up. I will find a way to make equal time for the Democratic VP candidate! (If you’re new to the amphibian crisis, seriously, learn about it at

*Magazine’s words, not mine — see above.