There’s a commercial out by the terrific children’s learning system, LeapFrog, in which a man in a frog costume asks a child to choose between 1) using LeapFrog’s interactive books to read a story about Kung Fu Panda or 2) “reading the journal of amphibia species.” The little girl picks the LeapFrog interactive book, of course. Ouch. It would have been a cause for celebration if LeapFrog actually sponsored the rescue of an endangered species — or created an entertaining and educational LeapFrog book about what frogs are facing — rather than make a TV commercial at the expense its namesake. The Year of the Frog is drawing to a close. We need champions. Find out more HERE.

Just in time for Earth Day: Check out this educational video game from the Vancouver Aquarium. Frogster challenges the gamer to protect amphibians from all of their biggest foes, including pollution and chytrid fungus. Among many other activities created by zoos and aquariums, this is a great way to get kids wondering, learning, caring, and helping.

I did a post a few days ago about the real tragedy of frogs crossing roads.