A recent announcement of plans to publish a call for comments on how to regulate and reduce disease spread through the amphibian trade has been met with a lot of speculation and worry. We have put together a Fact Sheet on the subject that explains how this came to be, what is currently going on and how interested folks can have their voices heard. It can be found at: http://www.amphibianark.org/pdf/US_amphibian_trade_proposal.pdf

Taking 5 minutes to read this attachment carefully and I would bet a clearer, calmer picture lies ahead!

Very interesting story from Mongabay. Read HERE.

If you fish and your bait of choice is waterdogs, or larvae from salamanders, you need to read this.

Another example of human benefits of biodiversity. Story here. A while back I posted about amphibians also helping to rid the world of west nile virus bearing mosquitoes. Here is that post.

The devil that is chytrid just let one slip through its grips, it appears. (My, that sounded dramatic!) Litoria loricam, the Armoured Mist Frog, was feared extinct due to the fungus that is devastating amphibian populations. But a small colony has made a surprise reappearance in Northeast Australia. It’s hoped that examining the frogs may reveal properties that fend off chytrid. Story here. And please, James Cook University, put some shrimp on the barbie for professor Ross Alford, PhD student Robert Puschendorf,and the whole JCU Amphibian Disease Ecology Group for working so hard to made the discovery.

Here’s another de-xtinction from a while back.