The beautiful Panamanian Golden Frog (Atelopus zeteki) is considered Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Only three animals of this species have been seen in the wild since late 2007 and it is now quite possibly Extinct in the Wild.

Fortunately for the species though, approximately 1,500 animals still exist aboard the AArk, thanks to the work of Project Golden Frog ( and the El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center (EVACC) ( in central Panama.

The Amphibian Ark is currently trying to help create a dedicated facility in Panama, at the EVACC, to house an expanding population of golden frogs that will hopefully someday be used for reintroduction back into the wild. Work on building this his facility is almost complete, but requires an additional $15,000 to complete.

Please give the gift of gold – make a donation (maybe in someone else’s honor) and help us to save one of the most spectacular amphibian species, the Panamanian Golden Frog, from extinction. Please click here to make your donation.


Did you know that it’s inexpensive to give your loved one a green gift that saves a species? It costs just $100,000 to save an amphibian species by placing it “on the ark” and under the protection and re-breeding programs directed by Amphibian Ark. So, let’s say you have a budget of $50 to spend on a friend or sibling. There’s always Guitar Hero, of course (which is pretty cool so I hope your loved one has it already). But a $50 donation to Amphibian Ark in your loved one’s name truly moves an endangered species one step closer to being saved. Because, relatively, speaking, it doesn’t take all that many small gifts to add up to enough to avert an extinction. To learn more about how this all works and make a donation, go here. Then again, if you have $100,000 jingling in your pocket, you could always single handedly save a frog species in the name of whomever you choose. One can only hope.