On the occasion of Darwin’s 200th birthday on Feb. 12, 2009 (last Thursday), a National Science Foundation researcher spoke at length about Amphibian Ark and the “relentless waves of amphibian die-offs in  Central America.”  Here’s the story in New York Times. The story contains a sobering statistic: when Darwin was living, there were 1 billion people on earth; today, there are 1 billion teenagers. How we learn to protect the earth’s diversity as we march toward adding the population equivalent of two Chinas by 2050 is arguably our greatest challenge. Excerpt:

He talked about the “Amphibian Ark” project, which grew out of an amphibian conservation summit focused on the die-offs, in which samples of frogs from areas ahead of the approaching fungus were taken for safekeeping and breeding to zoos and aquariums – perhaps to be re-established in the wild at some point.