Amphibian Ark has been helped a great deal by environmental bloggers and journalists. So it is really strikes home to read about key environmental reporters being laid off. Here’s what Marc Gunther, until recently the corporate environmental practices writer at Fortune, posted on his blog yesterday:

Oops! I got scooped on the news of my own layoff. Willie Brent had it first on his blog, and then my friend Joel Makower reported the story, as part of a blogpost headlined, “Are environmental journalists an endangered species?” He reports:

Just after Thanksgiving, Fortune magazine gave layoff notices to Marc Gunther, one of the leading business writers on corporate environmental practices (whose blogs also appear on, along with Todd Woody, whose coverage of clean technology has led the pack. (Gunther has been asked to stick around as a “contributing writer” and again chair next year’s Brainstorm: Green event.)

Joel got it right, as usual. I got the word on Dec. 4, as Time Inc. and FORTUNE announced their latest round of layoffs, reported to involved 600 positions in all. Why? The economic slump, of course, and an even more drastic downturn in print journalism, which is creating tremendous pressures on editors everywhere. They didn’t get into this business to fire people.

The full post (much longer) is here.