Great to see Dr. Karen Lips comment on the Panama Canal breach of the frog-killing fungus. This is from The Scientist, specifically from a post dated Oct. 17 (full story here):

“The findings are a concern because it means the fungus will continue to move through eastern Panama, and we only have a [limited time] to do what we can to save the frogs, collect data, watch,” Karen Lips, herpetologist at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, who monitors frogs populations in Panama, told The Scientist in an Email.

“There has never been any evidence that anything can stop the spread” of the fungus, Lips said. “It made it through Mexico and the Nicaraguan depression, so the narrow strip that is the canal is no significant barrier, nor did we expect it to be.”

Although the fungus may have spread across the canal on its own, the paper suggests that humans facilitated its jump across the canal, added Lips.