The math is astounding, staggering, sobering, disheartening, and maddening, but we need to react with determination, anger, confidence, and donations to Amphibian Ark. More details are coming out on IUCN’s announcement of the major threats facing all animal life. I just posted about the fact that one in four mammals being threatened. Well, now we learn that MORE THAN TWO IN FOUR AMPHIBIANS ARE BEING HARMED BY GLOBAL WARMING. That fits hand-in-glove with the studies showing that up to half of all amphibian species are hopping toward extinction. Here’s an excerpt from the write-up on

The study found 3,217 of the 6,222 amphibians in the world are likely to be susceptible to climate change. Three salamander families are could be particularly susceptible, while 80-100 percent of Seychelles frogs and Indian Burrowing Frogs, Australian ground frogs, horned toads and glassfrog families were assessed as susceptible.