It just struck me that the financial crisis we’re reeling in offers a parallel of sorts to the crisis facing the amphibian animal class (which is the point of this blog, after all). Instead of wealth disappearing, it’s entire species. Imagine losing 50% of all you have. Now imagine losing 50% percent of all species of frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and caecilians. That’s what scientists predict in our lifetime. It’s not risky loans behind the frog’s demise, it’s climate change, loss of habitat, pollution, and a toxic fungus called chytrid.

Make no mistake, the amphibian animal class is in crisis after thriving since the days of the dinosaur. Now they’re in real danger of going the way of the dinosaur. It won’t take $700 billion to save them, just about $100,000 per species or $50 million in total.

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