The idea of the Copenhagen Consensus is exciting and noble. Leading economists review the world’s most critical challenges and answer this question: “Imagine you had $75bn to donate to worthwhile causes. What would you do, and where should we start?” (Source: here.) Their answers get a lot of attention and influence decision making by governments, the wealthy, and well-meaning corporations on where to spread the money in order to do the most good. The Copenhagen Consensus Project was mentioned in the current issue of Esquire to gird the argument that too much attention is being given to global warming when there are numerous problem areas to invest in that would generate a much great human benefit.

Here’s just one problem with the whole wonderful exercise, and it’s coming from admittedly someone who advocates for Amphibian Ark’s agenda to avert a mass extinction of ampibian species: the problem is, biodiversity is not on the list of problems that the economists dwelled upon. What a great thing that would be for there to be a similar effort focused on the dire situation facing many animal species.

I encourage you to learn more. Again, this is a great undertaking. Here’s the press release from Copenhagen Consensus. 

Oh, incidentally, $50 million – $60 million would put the 500 or so threatened amphibian species on “the Ark” — at a cost of about $100,000 per species.