A tip of the hat to Ron Gagliardo and Atlanta Botanical Garden for placing threatened amphibian species in a prototype of the pod facility that can so efficiently be used to protect shrinking species populations. This has always been the plan by Amhibian Ark — for the little trailer-sized, biosecure facilities to be plopped down around the world, each container able to protect three species from chytrid and other environmental threats. Maybe we should call these the dingies of Amphibian Ark… Here’s the story. Excerpt from CNN.com:

Working in a modified shipping cargo container may not sound like a great assignment for a scientist. But several amphibian experts in Atlanta are welcoming the chance to study a dozen frog species in a new facility at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

The 40′ by 8′ container, or “amphibian pod” is biosecure, so that no pathogens (any microorganism that can cause disease) go in or out of the facility. The pod is also “green.” Water coming out of it is treated and re-used at the Garden.

“The temperature is similar to Panama where all the frogs came from, 80 degrees during the day and 62 at night,” said Ron Gagliardo, amphibian conservation coordinator at the Garden.