AFP Rob Elliott

An amphibian crisis of a different sort: Looking a lot like a creature from the movie, Gremlins, the cane toad is in the process of invading East Timor, reportedly hitching a ride there with the Australian Defence Force which initially intervened there in 1999. This species is NOT among the 3,000 or so heading toward extinction. Excerpt from story:

 “Cane toads are fantastic hitchhikers; they love crawling up under machinery and stuff to refuge during the day…”

The cane toad is extremely unpopular in Australia and some residents of toad-infested areas have taken to killing them by driving their cars over them or smashing them with golf clubs and cricket bats.

All attempts to fight the spread of the toads so far have failed and the animals, which are explosive breeders, have spread into the wetlands of world heritage Kakadu National Park.