Can we just have some fun for a moment? A friend of mine is the executive director of The American Mustache Institute, which is dedicated to three things — deadpan humor, reclaiming the fallen reputation of the manly mustache, and raising money for worthy causes. Currently the AMI is raising funds for a terrific children’s charity in St. Louis in part by holding the Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year Contest. I initially balked at doing a post on this, until I learned that Mr. Goulet introduced Kermit the Frog on a TV variety show back in the mid 1960s. (See video below and skip ahead to about the 1 minute mark. You’ll see that neither Kermit nor Mr. Goulet displayed any lip hair back then.)

Then I got to thinking: there are a number of mustached connections to frogs. Consider that Kevin Zippel and Kevin Johnson, program director and taxon officer, respectively, for Amphibian Ark, have mustaches … that Jeffrey Bonner, CEO of the St. Louis Zoo and chair of Amphibian Ark, and Jean-Michel Cousteau, patron of Amphibian Ark, possess lip fur. Coincidence? I think not! OK, the next post will return to serious tone.