You won’t believe where the bid stands right now for the naming rights to this gorgeous frog. The high bidder gets to name this newly discovered species in the genus Anomaloglossus — an endangered “nurse frog” indigenous to Venezuela. The news release from Amphibian Ark says:

“This fantastic frog lays eggs on land! The parents guard the eggs and keep them moist until they hatch, then carry the tadpoles (hence nurse frog) to protected pools of water to complete their development. This previously unknown species was discovered by scientists in 2004.

“The winning bidder’s selected name will be published in a scientific journal. The winner will also receive a photo of the frog engraved with its new name, and a framed letter of thanks from Jeff Corwin. In addition, arrangements can be made to see some threatened frogs in their natural habitat in Venezuela, where the winners’ contribution supports conservation programs.

“The proceeds will be used by Amphibian Ark partners in Venezuela to save some of the country’s most endangered amphibian species – including the new, nurse frog. The auction is being conducted by CharityBuzz.”

Here’s link to the auction site.