Bidding just opened and will continue through the end of the month on this handsome, unnamed species of collared frog discovered during a National Geographic expedition in Venezuela (shown below). Proceeds go to amphibian species protection, the mission of Amphibian Ark. Jeff Corwin has lent his name to the auction series. The place to bid is here on the CharityBuzz auction site. This is the second species auctioned, out of five planned, in the 5 for  Frogs fund- and awareness-raising campaign that continues through the summer.


This is the description from the auction Web page:

Jeff Corwin and Amphibian Ark are proud to auction the exclusive naming rights to this new species of collared frog from Venezuela. This frog species needs a name, and the winning bidder not only will have the honor of naming it, but will also play an important role in saving endangered wildlife. The winning bidder will receive rights to name this amphibian species. The name will be published in a scientific journal. The winning bidder also will receive a photo of the frog engraved with its new name, and a framed letter of thanks from Jeff Corwin. In addition, arrangements can be made to see some endangered frogs in the natural habitat in Venezuela. This species of collared frog is the last one from the Venezuelan Andes that remains to be named. It was discovered in an expedition, financed by the National Geographic Society, of the forests being destroyed for coffee plantations. Some individuals of the species seem to be resistant to a disease called The Bd or Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which is killing frogs all over the world. This means the species may hold hope for a cure. Therefore, proceeds from the auction will fund the research surrounding this phenomenon.

With your help, the new name of this entire species of frogs will become _____’s Collared Frog (Mannophryne ______). The Amphibian Ark staff will work with the winning bidder and the taxonomists authoring the formal paper to ensure that the bidder’s wishes are formulated into a scientifically appropriate format.
Donated by: Amphibian Ark

Terms: Terms: Your visit to Venezuela, which is optional, will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Offer expires July 1, 2009. Hotel and airfare not included.