Here are some funny photos from the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee from this past weekend. Slide show here. The frog photos start at slide 14. And the winner?

Jacob Smith, 16, of Fresno and a member of the Bozos Frog Team, became international champion by jockeying his frog Skeeter Eater to a jump of 19 feet 31/2 inches.

Smith takes home a prize check of $750, but he fell more than two feet short of setting a new world record and claiming a much larger check. Many seasoned frog jockeys had expected the 1986 record of 21 feet 5 and three quarters inches to fall as heat at the fair soared to around 100 degrees, about 20 degrees hotter than usual. Breaking the world record would earn a $5,000 prize.