Polly Phillpot cares about the amphibian crisis — she cares enough that she jumped 165 feet from at very tall bridge in Scotland to raise money that will save the frogs. Polly is the senior education officer at the Edinburgh Zoo and raised £620 or $1,200 for the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) to support the work of Amphibian Ark. )  Excerpts from the story in The Scotsman:
The main goal of this year’s campaign is to raise awareness of the serious plight facing frogs and amphibians.

The funds raised will help support Amphibian Ark, a programme co-ordinated by the World Conservation Union, and finance regional initiatives such as rescues, training workshops and cooperatively managed centres.

Ms Phillpot … said: “Amphibians play an important role in ecosystems and are essential environmental indicators for climate change, therefore holding great importance in scientific research.

“It would be catastrophic and tragic to lose such a key group of animals.

“I hope my leap will be a hopping success to raise funds in support of the EAZA campaign.”