From Cleveland Metroparks Zoo blog

Fascinating report coming out of Cleveland, Ohio USA where they are attempting to make the Panamanian golden frog immune to the frog killing chytrid fungus. They’re doing it by finding those frogs with high antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) and breeding them to make froglets that have more-than-usual AMPs. Frogs secrete AMPs through their skin, in effect being able to apply their own antibiotic to ward off the fungus.

Up the AMPs, and the frogs stand a better chance of resisting chytrid when eventually reintroduced to the wild.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Mount Union College are doing this work, and they’ve collected AMPs from frogs at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Baltimore Zoo and Buffalo Zoo.

We’ve been saying that when Amphibian Ark helps put species into the protective custody of zoos and other shelters for breeding and research, this is the type of research they’re doing to avert the mass extinction and one day send these froggy families back home.