Science Daily reports on the groundbreaking research about the amphibian crisis and chytrid fungus being led by Karen Lips of Southern Illinois University, with help from other partner organizations. Check out the full story here. Key excerpt:

 “If you go and buy an ornamental plant from one of these regions (Central America and South America) and plant it in your yard, or you buy a frog at a pet shop, think about it. If the (chytrid) fungus is there and still alive, it’s now introduced into the environment. Then it can get into your pond or streams.”

Lips said simple testing of such products and organisms before importing them could reveal the fungus’ presence. Once discovered, simple anti-fungal drugs will kill the fungus before it can contaminate an area.

“Our research has shown that once the fungus gets somewhere new it spreads like wildfire,” Lips said. “So the key is preventing it from spreading.”