A friend and coworker posted the following about Amphibian Ark and the amphibian crisis on his blog. The theme of hope is very fitting.

 What Would Kermit Do?

I recently learned about a crisis that experts say could become the largest mass extinction since the dinosaur. That’s serious business and it’s why an organization called Amphibian Ark has designated 2008 as the Year of the Frog.The people at Ark tell us, “amphibians are becoming extinct at a pace faster than anything we have experienced. Nearly one third of all amphibian species are threatened. And amphibians contribute to human health by providing vital biomedicines, including compounds that are being refined for analgesics and antibiotics.”So, it’s time for us to bring the hope to frogs, toads, newts and the like. We can help by signing an online petition encouraging policymakers to commit the resources needed to address this crisis. And we can donate to the cause. My favorite donation option is the $2.99 ringtone I’m downloading of a Pacific treefrog. We can also help by supporting zoos involved in this effort.

So, what would Kermit do? He’d grab his banjo and pull in Debbie Harry to sing us a song. Take a listen and then consider doing something to bring the hope to the amphibians.