So you will be one of the 90 million+ next Sunday who watch the Super Bowl played in Glendale, Arizona — the first ever “green” football championship. (Story: “Super Bowl XLII at University of Stadium in Glendale will be powered completely with renewable energy. Solar, wind and geo-thermal energy will offset greenhouse gas emissions.”)

Don’t just cram your brain with trivia about the Patriots and the Giants. Get in the zone of Arizona biodiversity with this “Super Croak” amphibian quiz (answers at bottom): 

  1. What is the official Arizona state amphibian?
  2. This frog species was exported from Africa in the mid 1900s,  carrying with it the amphibian chytrid fungus that is devasating to 80 percent of amphibian species it touches. In the U.S., it has established long-term, reproducing populations in Arizona and California. What’s the name of this species?
  3. What species has a call that sounds like “Walk! Walk!” and hatches directly from eggs with no aquatic larval stage?
  4. This species makes a call that sounds like bleeting sheep, and if it can gorge for just a few nights on termites, it can survive and breed for a whole year. What’s the species?
  5. What is Arizona’s only salamander species and is endangered?

By the way, 92 million people watched the Super Bowl last year. If that many people each gave 50 cents to Amphibian Ark for the emergency rescue and breeding programs of the most endangered species, Amphibian Ark would be more than 90 percent fully funded.

Answers: 1) Arizona Tree Frog; 2) African Clawed Frog; 3) Barking Frog; 4) Couch’s Spadefoot; 5) Tiger Salamander.