Bakersfield, Californian columnist Valerie Schultz  has written a column about the amphibian crisis and Amphibian Ark that also asks: why do so many of us smile at the word “frog” but change expressions at the word “toad”?

“To my amazement, it turns out that all toads actually are frogs. The toads just have stubbier bodies, shorter hind legs, and warty, dry skin. Toads are like the ugly sisters of the amphibian family. They suffer in comparison to their frog siblings, who steal the family show with their lovely webbed feet, their smooth skin, their prominent eyes, and their leaping legs. Among humans, toads also have a less pleasant reputation than frogs. The connotation of the word ‘toad’ is something sluggish and unattractive.”

“In the human world, a person who is a ‘toady’ grovels to please others. If someone ever describes you as a toad, you might want to think about an extreme makeover.”

Thank goodness this blog is more enlightened and is giving the toad its due — but wait a minute. I just glanced at previous posts on this blog, and found only 14 that mention toads vs. about 100 that  mention frogs. That’s just not right!

The toads definitely need an image consultant. We will try to be more balanced moving forward. Sorry about that, all you toads.