If you’re new to the crisis facing amphibians, here is a sequence of videos that will bring you up to speed. Then at the bottom, a list of things to do, if you want to hop in and help.

First, here’s Jeff Corwin, making us care: 

Second, here’s Amphibian Ark’s program officer, explaining the importance of amphibians, and what is being done:

And to complete the video trilogy, here’s a look at a rescue project from Latin America (in two parts):

So now what do you do?  Glad you asked, and thanks for caring:

  1. Sign the “save the frog” petition. Click here.
  2. Make a donation to the nonprofit group coordinating the Amphibian Ark rescue missions and breeding programs. Click here.
  3. Call your zoo and find out if there is a way you can help, right there in your town. 
  4. Do a Google search for “amphibian extinction” and keep learning. There are wonderful New Year’s Eve posts about all of this written by experts, and here are links to some of them: Treehugger’s post by Jeremey Elton Jacquot; Darren Nash’s post (he’s actually a  dinosaur expert from England); Rhett Butler’s post from Mongabay; Brian Gratwicke’s post; the DearKitty blog post and video; AJ Cann’s post; Bill Slawski’s blog; and Greg’s post on  his notextinctyet blog.  
  5. If you’re a student, ask your teacher to make saving the frogs a classroom project.
  6. Forward this to as many people as you can think of.

When you have a year named after a cause — in this case, 2008 has been declared The Year of the Frog by conservation groups — you’d better make the best of it. This year is the moment to capture the world’s attention and do something that truly is achievable — averting a mass extinction. Let’s not blow it.