We are extactly two weeks away from 2008 The Year Of The Frog which needs to bring governments, companies, and the rest of us together in a massive effort to stop a mass extinction. There are a lot of people hopping as high and far as they can to build momentum leading into the big year. The previously announced partnership between Amphibian Ark and the National Association of Biology Teachers, with the congratulatory video by Jeff Corwin, is a nice start. The leadership demonstrated by Clorox, as the first corporate sponsor of Amphibian Ark, is another big win. Later this week there will be news about a New Year’s Eve leapfrog event at zoos around the world, and a cool thing that Sir David Attenborough is doing (no, the 81-year-old isn’t going to be leapfrogging, to our knowledge!). More will be announced in the weeks to come. But come New Year’s Day, there should be a steady stream of events and announcements to raise awareness, and funds, to do what’s needed to prevent 500 amphibian species from their extinction. At the very least, we know that in 2oo8:

  • On Jan. 3, Sir David Attenborough will release his book on amphibians and reptiles, “Life in Cold Blood,” followed by a companion documentary. Sir David is the patron of Amphibian Ark, the biggest ally the cause could ever hope for.
  • Feb. 29, known as Leap Day in the U.S., is going to be a global celebration of amphibians, and that’s when you’re going to see zoos everywhere really fire up their machinery to get the public involved.

Of course, this all boils down to money. Millions of dollars are needed to put the species into protective custody, before they disappear. You can make a contribution on the Amphibian Ark Web site.