I did some posts earlier this week about the biodiversity summit in France — which was focused on creating an IPCC-like reporting organization about plant and animal life. Well, a few hours ago, this sobering take on the conference was issued by the publisher of The Daily Telegraph in the UK: “A three-year French-led effort to set up a powerful international scientific body advising on the threats to the variety of life on Earth has ended in embarrassing stalemate.” Fingers are being pointed. But it’s just one story and we’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, those who care greatly about the creatures of the earth can be thankful — yes, on the eve of Thanksgiving here in the States — for individuals who don’t wait for large international bodies to reach consensus. I’m thinking about somebody like Jeff Corwin who held up the Panama Golden Frog yesterday on Ellen and asked people to go to Amphibian Ark’s Web site. I think about Sir David Attenborough, Jean-Michel Cousteau, zoo chieftains around the world, researchers in India, Atlanta, Carbondale. People who write blogs about wildlife and conservation.

 Keep going, people.