lifeincoldblood-lrg.jpgCame across some promotional news today about Sir David Attenborough’s upcoming reptile and amphibian book, “Life in Cold Blood”, which will be followed by a five-part BBC documentary of the same title. The focus on reptiles and amphibians completes his overview of life on earth. It’s as if divine intervention were behind the coincidence of this work coming out just as The Year of The Frog commences, and just as the global conservation and scientific communities are rallying to avert the mass extinction of amphibian species. Sir David has agreed to be a major figure in the Amphibian Ark campaign — the Ark’s “patron” to be precise. He was quoted last May as saying:

“The global zoo and aquarium community has taken on this challenge with enthusiasm and is providing appropriate facilities and breeding grounds within their institutions. But implementation calls for financial and political support from all parts of the world. Without an immediate and sustained conservation effort to support captive management, hundreds of species of these wonderful creatures could become extinct in our own lifetime.”