Kevin Zippel from Amphibian Ark shared this message from Andrew T. Snider, the director of Animal Care and Conservation with the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Andy is responding to a question about the fire’s impact on the mountain yellow legged frog, which is endangered:

“The mountain yellow legged frog areas have escaped the brunt
of the fires.  A couple of critical areas for the arroyo toad did burn,
but Adam (from the USGS) says that arroyo toads seem to survive wildfires quite well
unless there is severe debris flows from the fires, which won’t be known
until the rains come through.  There was also one site for the
California red-legged frog that burned, and they’re going to try and
assess that site later this week.  So, all in all, it doesn’t sound as
bad as it might have been for the amphibs down there.”