New Zealand’s been on top of the amphibian crisis for a number of years — protecting its seven frog species — and this week provides a prologue for next year’s The Year of The Frog.  New Zealand Frog Week runs Oct. 21-27.

Good summary of New Zealand frog situation in this article from a very good Web site maintained by the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.  An excerpt:

“There are four species of native frogs and three species of introduced frogs in New Zealand. We really do not know how well New Zealand’s frogs are coping amid the many reports of global amphibian declines, but we have seen a dramatic decline in Archey’s frog over the last few years.  Although chytrid fungus has been identified in introduced frogs, its role in any of the declines of native frogs in our country, has yet to be determined. The conservation status of Archey’s frog and Hamilton’s frog are classified as Nationally Critical – the same level of protection as the kakapo.”