Guest commentary that should sound a little like it’s coming from Dwight from The Office (and there is factual information in this):

“Question — What is more important to a functioning beet farm — a feral cat, or a frog? A feral cat controls mice which (and it is a fact) eat beets because beets are soft to chew. In addition, my feral cat has killed several raccoons, which otherwise get into the garbage. Large frogs sometimes will eat tiny mice, but that is not the rule, and they are overmatched by a raccoon. But there are five reasons why I, Dwight Schrute, believe a frog is superior to a feral cat: One, it is a fact that one cricket frog can consumer 5,000 insects and other small invertebrates in a single year, thus helping me avoid an insect plague. Two, I plan to have children some day who will work and inherit my beet farm, and many cultures regard amphibians as an agent of fertility. Three, the Budweiser Frogs were the most effective commercials ever created for a domestic beer. Four, tribal hunters in the Amazon rub their skin with the skin of the giant monkey frog to heighten their awareness and make them more effective hunters. Five, the Amerindians of Colombia rub their hunting darts across the backs of golden dart frogs to poison the dart and use it to shoot monkeys. Hands down, I pick the frog over the feral cat. For that reason, I offer my support to Amphibian Ark and The Year of the Frog.”